NJ Tech., Inc.
CAD/CAM, CNC Machining, Prototyping, Engineering
NJ Tech., Inc. is a full service precision machining company that is located in Gilberts, Illinois.  We primarily serve clients within the Northwestern area of Illinois.

We at NJ Tech are committed to providing you with the highest quality machining and manufacturing in our industry.  We are a small company that focuses on maintaining the relationships that we develop with you to assist in your continued success in your industry.

We strive to provide you with reliable and competitively priced machining manufacturing.  Our staff of experienced machinists are able to provide you with the flexibility and knowledge to accomodate your manufacturing requirements.  Our staff is our most important resource to providing you with the design solutions, material selections, and prototyping.  Our employees have over 25 years of experience in which to help you with your machining needs.

NJ Tech is commited to prompt and reliable delivery.  We pride ourselves on the responsiveness that we can provide as a small company.  We always available to address any questions that you have and promote continued communication during the production process.  

We specialize in designing components for tooling and fixturing.  We will assist you in turning a simple project into a fully automated and efficient piece of equipment.   
Our commitment to producing high quality parts is evidenced in the precision and low tolerances of the products we deliver to you.  We inspect each machine every 6 months to ensure that our components are being produced with the most efficient eqiupment. 
Our production process begins with a preliminary consultation with one of our engineers in order to determine your needs and requirements.  We can simply produce a desired component or assist in the design of a customized piece for your needs.  We will keep you informed throughout the production process, and we ensure prompt and fast delivery of your parts.  Please contact us to help assist you in all your customized, precision maufacturing needs.
NJ Tech., Inc.

P.O Box 103,  160 West Industrial Drive,  Gilberts,  IL 60136        Phone: (847) 428-1001            Fax: (847) 428-1015              http//:www.nj-tech.com

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